Our Team


René Kiesewetter

Project Manager & CEO

The founder of K-Design. Numerous development skills in web design, content - management and network technology. new skills are C# and Java for Android applications


Dennis Richter

Creative Director & Designer

Our professional graphic design. Mastered the use of Adobe Photoshop. Responsible for the graphic design and print design. New references are now dealing with 3D programs like Blender.


Werner Kallas

Lead Programer

Our Lead Developer. Has knowledge in php, html, css, java, python etc. Hes always learning new stuff to be up2date. He also wrote a complete own CMS System.

Our Skills

We have skills in different areas.

Web Design 80%

Wordpress 90%

Joomla 100%

Webspell 70%

Photoshop 90%

Print 40%

Unity3D 70%

Android 60%

We provide precise strategic thinking and marketing, which can be your concept from vision to reality. The main point of our strategy is to achieve specific and measurable results. We help you to plan your website!

  Our Challenge

We love our job and we look forward every time again on the tasks of the customer.

Our team is one to be creative and get things done to your complete satisfaction. We hope you give us the next challenges.

  We are driven

We have made our hobby into a career. And constantly develop ourselves. In all areas around web design and game development.

The inhumanity of the computer based on the fact that he programmed correctly and properly functioning, is so absolutely honest.Isaac Asimov

  We deliver

About our client portal can easily replace files and tasks are entered by the customer. Also the customer wishes can be ordered there. There is also the time to count how long have taken what works. All you will see before you complete project is finished.

  • fast
  • effectiv
  • organised
  • dokumented
  • Easy to use

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